Whiter than Snow

Snowflake Mini Unit

Happy New Year! We hope you have had a great start to the year so far! We are focusing on a fresh start and the verse

“Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow”


After what felt like a month of Christmas celebrations and holiday breaks we started off the school year by using our snowflake mini unit included in this months activity pack. The kids loved it and said they wished every school day could be this fun! Win!

We used the printables along with an amazing website called SnowCrystals.com that has pictures of real snowflakes, videos of them forming and SNOW much more. 🥴

The Snowflake Mini Unit includes:

• Lifecycle of a Snowflake
• Snowflake Symmetry drawing page
• Letter “S” hand writing pages
• Types of Snowflakes with matching activity
• Draw/design your own snowflake page
• Paper Snowflake Template

Make your own Snow Globes!

We also did a cute little craft making our own little snow globes with a paper plate, some fake snow and a sheet protector!

We used small paper plates and printed out pictures we wanted to use (or you can draw your own picture). Glued them on to the paper plate, added stickers and our fake snow and then hot glued the sheet protector (only 1 layer not both layers of the sheet protector) to the edges of the paper plate. Make sure it is sealed all the way around so the snow doesn’t come out when they shake it. Then we took a sheet of glitter paper (you can use any color paper and just add glitter) and cut them into trapezoid’s to glue to the bottom of the plate as stands (note: they don’t actually stand unless leaned up against something).

They turned out really cute.

We hope you get to play out in the snow with the kiddos this winter and use one of the snow days as a chance to be crafty and relax!

make your own snow globes