Valentine Activities for Kids
valentine activities for kids

Valentine Activity Pack

Happy February! This month I hope you and your children take time to practice showing kindness and love to others in unexpected ways!

I saw a beautiful story on instagram the other day just showing peoples faces when a stranger complimented them. You know what ALL of them did? SMILE. Beautiful smiles. And you know what I found myself doing too? SMILING.

Tissues anyone?! 😭

Ok, but see how just a simple UNEXPECTED showing of kindness and love to our community can make such a beautiful impact?!

I have made a list of ways I plan to do that this month – secretly- I don’t intend for the world to know. But when you practice those acts of kindness and love guess who WILL see – the person you touched.

Sending wishes of hundreds of Happy Hearts your way!


What’s Included:

  • Groundhog Day Craft
  • Groundhog Maze
  • Shadow Matching Activity
  • ABC Printable
  • Valentines Day Cards
  • Acts of Kindness Jar
  • Valentines Tic-Tac-Toe + Bingo
  • Chocolate Box Shape Matching
  • Don’t Eat my Treat Game
  • Love is in the Air Dot Sheet
  • I love you a Hole Lot Dot Sheet
  • Heart Strings Lacing Cards
  • Count & Check iSpy
  • Magnatile Sweet City
  • Racing strips & Car
  • Love Letter Recognition
  • Follow Your Heart Scissor Skills
  • I like how you roll – Roll, Write, Show Math Sheet
  • Coloring Pages