Take me out to the Ball Game
baseball activity pack

Baseball Activity Pack

With spring in the air and April just around the corner, we’re excited to release our newest printable activity packs!

One of our newest activity packs was inspired by a recent core memory we as a family made. Earlier this month we lost our sweetest furry family member, Raven, a 10 year old German Shepherd. We got her as a tiny pup when I was pregnant with my first child and we knew they would be best friends. And they were. She was like a puppy even at 10 years old and LOVED to play in the backyard. We noticed she was not eating and her personality changed to being EXTREAMLY happy to see us to timid and scared- it only took a day for us to realize something was terribly wrong. We took her to the vet and they confirmed she had an aggressive tumor and it was causing issues inside which was making her feel weak and explained the personality change. We took her home and gave her pain meds and just loved on her all we could. During the last few days with her our sweet Raven’s personality came back 100% and we were able to have some beautiful sunny days spent with her outside.

Our boys had recently started showing interest in baseball so we all spent our days out back playing, practicing our swings, running the bases – all with Raven right there playing with us. We knew this was such a gift from God to give us this sweet time together to be with Raven in HER favorite place and also to spend time learning new skills and a sport.

So, in memory of Raven and inspired by this most treasured time we spent as a family, the Baseball Activity pack was created. We hope your kiddos enjoy it!


What’s Included:

  • Handwriting practice pages
  • Baseball ABC’s
  • Baseball lacing cards
  • Table Top Baseball game
  • Baseball Dot sheet
  • Baseball Buddy Craft
  • Baseball Shapes playdough mat
  • Coloring page & Pennants