Shamrock Rainbow Ribbon Wands
rainbow wands

Rainbow Ribbon Wands

This Dollar Tree glow up is such a fun craft!

What you will need:

  • Foam Shamrocks
  • Paper Straw
  • Glitter
  • Plastic Sheet Protector
  • Ribbon in Rainbow Colors


  1. Cut ribbon into 12″ strips
  2. staple together
  3. fasten paperstraw to back clover with glue
  4. then fasten front clover
  5. attach ribboon between the two clovers stems
  6. cut a piece of plastic sheet protector to fit the shamrock
  7. fasten with hot glue all around EXCEPT the top
  8. add glitter in the top
  9. fasten the top of the plastic to the clover
  10. Ta-da! Rainbow Ribboon Wands to dance and place with!

Rainbow Ribbon Wands