Season of Spooky Fun – Spiders
painters tape sticky web

Sticky Spiderweb STEM Activity

I am so excited you are joining us for the 30 days of spooky fun leading up to Halloween! For our first day I pulled together 3 fun spider web activities you can do with Blue Painters Tape + a free printable! 

What you need:

  • Blue painters tape
  • Random toys and items from around the house
  • Free Prediction Chart


  • Make a spider web with some blue painters tape
  • Grab 3-10 items and make predictions if they will stick to the web
  • Write down your results!

Spider Web Tape Resist Art

Grab some cardboard, painters tape, paints and brushes and keep your kids busy while you enjoy that cup of coffee!

tape resist art

Spider Web Game

Make a spider web on the floor & try picking up spiders while hopping on one foot!


Why do spiders build webs?