The Case of the Missing Turkey

The case of the Missing Turkey! An escape room adventure for ages 3 and up with clues in the case file and envelopes throughout the room. Easy to print and set up, all game play is included in the printable download. Game play is 15-20 minutes.



Printable Escape Room perfect for any occasion! Works perfect for birthday parties, family game night, classroom and group activities!

Download, Print, Quick Assembly & Play!

Gameplay: 15-20 minutes (depending on how tricky you hide the clues)
Ages: 3 and up
Number of players: 1 or more (works great as a group game)


Tony the Turkey was terrified!

Thanksgiving was coming, he was plump and fat –
“Perrrrfect for Mrs. Krizzles Dinner” said the cat.

He was all flustered- his feathers flying,
This holiday he would be doomed- there was no denying.

He saw them pick the corn and bake the pies,
Now all they were missing were his tasty thighs!

He made a plan and flew the coop,
If he could get away they’d be stuck having soup.

No stuffing, no gravy, no juicy white meat,
He refused to be dinner for anyone on this street!

But the Krizzles missed Tony- they were wondering what to do…
Maybe they could get a little help from you?

Now, I know what you’re thinking- you hope he runs free
But Tony the Turkey is their special “guest” you see

He’s a prize winning Turkey, one just for show
His charm and his feathers- he is famous you know!

The judges are coming to see him after dinner
If you could just find him they’d call you a winner!

Ribbons and trophies- they would give them to you
All you have to do is find the first clue…

No turkey in sight, just one little file…
Wait are those tracks? They go on for a mile!

Set up:

To set-up the game, you need nothing more than paper, the provided PDF documents, a color printer or printing service, 8 envelopes, a hole punch and a pair of scissors. You won’t need any locks, or special equipment.

  • Print out recommended pages
  • Cut out clues for each step and place in an envelope.
  • You will need 8 envelopesHave fun!