Snowman Game

Snowman Race– the frosty and fun board game crafted by the creative mind of my 9-year-old!

Race your snowmen across the icy board & collect snowballs along the way!



Snowman Race, the brainchild of a creative 9-year-old eager to share the joy of wintery adventures. This digital board game, priced at just $1, is a playful pastime & testament to youthful imagination and budding entrepreneurship.

Navigate your snowman through a whimsical winter landscape, overcoming challenges and obstacles. The journey isn’t just about reaching the end; it’s about collecting snowballs along the way.

By supporting this young creator’s vision, you’re not just purchasing a game; you’re encouraging a child’s passion for crafting experiences. “Snowman Race” isn’t about sales; it’s about fostering creativity & sharing in the excitement of a young entrepreneur.

Let the snowball counting begin – may the frostiest friend win!