Dinosaur Escape Room

Printable Escape Room perfect for any occasion! Perfect for birthday parties, family game night, classroom activities and more!

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Gameplay: 15-20 minutes (depending on how tricky you hide the clues)
Ages: 6 and up
Number of players: 2 or more (works great as a team building game)


You are part of a select group that was chosen to tour an island theme park populated by real-life dinosaurs. Though you were assured that the park is completely safe, you have just been notified that due to a system malfunction, one of the dinosaur’s paddocks has opened releasing the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex inside the park! The park has gone into complete lock-down, securing you all inside the main data room. A helicopter is waiting to take you off the island, but you must figure out how to safely get to the helicopter without encountering the hungry T-Rex

Set up:

To set-up the game, you need nothing more than paper, the provided PDF documents, a color printer or printing service, envelopes and a pair of scissors. You won’t need any locks, or special equipment.

  • Print out recommended pages (for 1 or 2 teams)
  • Cut out clues for each step and place in an envelope.
  • You will need 14 envelopes for 1 team and 20 envelopes if playing with 2 teams.

Have fun!

What’s Included?
1 PDF with clues and instructions

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