Polar Express Movie Night
polar express party pack

Polar Express Party

We used these fun printables for a night with the cousins – a Polar Express movie night!

We are all for making new traditions and this was such a hit with the kids that we added it to the list of things we definitely want to do again next year! We invited the cousins over for a Polar Express Movie Night with hot chocolate and snacks.

Once they arrived, we started the evening by playing Polar Express bingo. Each child got a bingo card and some colorful pompoms. We cut out the Bingo picture cards and shuffled them and had our oldest draw one at a time and call out the picture on the card. The kids put a pom pom on their card over the picture just called. When they got 4 in a row they called out Bingo & the winners were given a bell necklace.

playing Christmas bingo
christmas bingo
winner wearing a bell necklace

Afterwards we made some yummy hot chocolate and ate treats before getting our tickets for the Polar Express!

We printed out the conductor hat and stapled the bands to the hat so it fit perfectly! We gave each child a Polar Express ticket and the conductor was given a hole punch to punch each ticket before they could enter the living room to watch the movie. They all loved it!

polar express tickets
q-tip painting

Once the movie was over we had a few additional activities- a Q-tip painting dot “Believe” page and a naughty or nice game. The Q-tip dot painting was really easy, we took q-tips and paint and let the kids paint in the dots spelling out Believe.

For the Naughty or Nice game each child picked out a Christmas sticker (this can be dots stickers, stars, really any random stickers you have around the house). We did a pin the tail on the donkey sort of thing and put a large Santa hat on the child whose turn it was. (You could also use a blind fold) We spun them around a few times and had them place their sticker on the page. They all giggled with delight seeing if they were naughty or nice.

Our kids had such a wonderful time with these activities I can see us using them again and again each year. We hope you enjoy!

naughty or nice game
naughty or nice game
cousins Polar Express Movie night