Children’s Dental Health
dentist activity pack

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month!

Doesn’t it seem like there is a National day for everything now?! I can’t keep up and am glad my kids don’t know it’s a thing to have National Daughter Day or Son Day because I would most likely forget ūü§™ BUT Dental health is something super important to start early with your kids so THIS is one National holiday I am happy to get behind.

I am not sure about your kids but I have 1 who LOVES going to the dentist and 2 who really fear it. We have an incredible dentist who even has support dogs to help the kiddos who are fearful or anxious. They even get sugar-free frozen yogurt as they leave their appointment! Ha! Oh how times have changed!

So, if you have a few fearful kiddos or just want to remind them WHY they brush their teeth, grab our activity pack & lets make learning about dental health fun! Included are activities to work on Fine Motor Skills, Communication Skills, Early Math Skills & More!


What’s Included:

  • Flossing & Tracing
  • Teeth Cleaning Activity
  • Tooth ABC’s and Numbers 1-10
  • Brush the Tooth Print
  • Missing Teeth
  • Destroy the Decay Game
  • False Teeth
  • Happy Tooth/Sad Tooth Foods
  • Dot Sheet
  • Teeth Brushing Chart
  • Maze & More!

False Teeth