Celebrating a Solar Eclipse!

Get Ready for an Out-of-This-World Adventure: Monday’s Solar Eclipse!

Hey parents and teachers! Are you ready for an awe-inspiring celestial event that’s sure to capture the imagination of your little ones? Get ready to mark your calendars because this Monday, we’re in for a treat—a solar eclipse!

At Happy Day Printables, we’re all about turning learning into fun, and what better way to do that than with the magic of a solar eclipse? We’ve put together some exciting activities, learning videos, and fascinating facts to help you make the most of this extraordinary event with your preschool-aged children.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included:
🎨 Eclipse Craft
🖍️ Coloring Page
🌀 Patterns Practice
✍️ S is for Solar Eclipse Handwriting Page
🌟 Playdough Prompt Cards

Why Choose Our Activities?

Educational Fun for Kids

Educational Fun for Kids:

Carefully crafted to combine learning with fun. Each activity is designed to enhance various skills such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, counting, letter recognition, and creativity.
hands on learning

Various Learning Styles:

The variety of activities in our activity packs cater to different learning styles and preferences. Whether a child learns best through hands-on activities, visual aids, or imaginative play, our pack has it covered.
Print and Play Anytime

Print and Play Anytime:

Our Printable Activity Packs are available for instant download, making them perfect for last-minute preparations or spontaneous learning sessions. A simple way to enjoy hours of inspired educational play.
Snack-TIVITY #1

Eclipse Cookies

A simple and yummy snack activity by @celebratewithbk showing the stages of a solar eclipse and best part- you get to eat it after the lesson!


Solar Eclipse Goodie Bags

This delicious idea is from @kelseyeasterling is such a fun way to celebrate with a class or a neighborhood party! Includes: Caprisun, Moon Pie, Star Crunch & Starburst!

goodie bag

Solar Eclipse The Dr. Binocs Show