Carnival Activity Pack

Step Right Up to the Printable Carnival Activity Pack for Preschoolers!

Roll up, roll up! The carnival is coming to town, and we’ve got the perfect way to bring the excitement home with our Carnival Preschool Activity Pack. Our Printable Carnival Activity Pack, recently featured on, is the perfect solution for keeping your little ones entertained with a mix of learning, games, and imaginative play.¬†This delightful pack is brimming with activities that will add a touch of magic to any day, ensuring hours of fun and creativity for your preschooler.

Why Choose Our Activities?

Educational Fun for Kids

Educational Fun for Kids:

Carefully crafted to combine learning with fun. Each activity is designed to enhance various skills such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, counting, letter recognition, and creativity.
hands on learning

Various Learning Styles:

The variety of activities in our activity packs cater to different learning styles and preferences. Whether a child learns best through hands-on activities, visual aids, or imaginative play, our pack has it covered.
Print and Play Anytime

Print and Play Anytime:

Our Printable Activity Packs are available for instant download, making them perfect for last-minute preparations or spontaneous learning sessions. A simple way to enjoy hours of inspired educational play.

Cotton Candy Puffy Paint

This yummy puffy cotton candy paint craft from Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten takes just a few ingredients; equal parts shaving cream and white glue! Add some food coloring and you’ve got puffy cotton candy paint!

cotton candy puff painting

Twinkie Dogs

This sweet idea from Just Add Confetti is super simple- just use Twinkies and some red cookie frosting and you’ve got some yummy Twinkie Hot Dogs!

Twinkie Hot Dogs

A Day At The Carnival